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Tripp St Takes Us on An Innovative and Mystical Journey Through Space-Time with New Mix 

Tiana Laurendeau | April 5, 2022

Following his debut LP “Welcome to Tripp St” and “Different Worlds” LP, both released via CloZee’s imprint record label Odyzey, Tripp St continues to prove his positioning as a tastemaker within the community through a new hour-long mix, “Who is Tripp St.” Teeming to the brim with unreleased music, the grandiose mix lands as a statement and testament to his artistic ingenuity. Featuring both soulful funk-anthems with an accompaniment of classical instruments and an ambush of glitchy bass-soaked beats, Tripp St uses his inspiration as his motivation in this reveal of new VIPs, album previews, and more.

As the mix begins, melodic and ethereal ambience fills the air. The use of many instrumental sounds in the very beginning, including piano and organ, set the mood for the introduction to encompass a rather thought-provoking energy. As we travel through the musical journey, we are met with a lively and bouncy atmosphere. Rolling layers of sub bass accompanying mystical harpsichord melodies echo and immerse the listener with each moment. Tripp St displays their unique style with their use of unparalleled sound design, using elements of organically influenced sounds like chirping birds, water droplets and some amphibious sound effects. The ethereal aura continues with compelling and enchanting measures and much more.

As we progress through, it almost feels as though you’ve teleported to a musical jungle where futuristic and jazzy vibrations fill the air. Echoing piano rolls and distant angelic harmonious voices trail in the distance as we’re brought deeper into the mix. Effortlessly, we are taken to funky 85 BPM tracks that you just can’t help but nod your head to. Dreamy, experimental riffs and melodies blend with unique and extremely crisp percussion as Tripp St shows their ability to genre-bend throughout the mix. It’s abundantly clear that they are no stranger to telling stories through their sound, and the emotion behind each moment shows that. They share their thoughts on their newest mix, saying:

 “This mix represents my journey over the past year. Releasing my first two LPs and playing my first shows and festivals has been such an incredible experience. Traveling all over the country touring with an amazing group of people, playing big stages, and meeting fans for the first time has left me with so much inspiration. This mix is me letting all of those feelings out.”

The upbeat and uniquely curated vibe continues through as we are blessed with elements of classic hip-hop beats and vinyl sounds. This energy is maintained as we are welcomed with even more organic and jazz-influenced sounds. Their use of delay effects leaves the listener feeling lightweight and free flowing. Layers of bass and melodic sounds paired with these exceptionally clean drum patterns will captivate and intrigue you. As we reach the end, Tripp St mixes classic vocal hip-hop samples with glitchy layers of sound that create a chill, yet hard vibe. You truly can hear and feel the emotion in each moment. All of this, and the endless IDs prove that Tripp St is a force to be reckoned with, who’s ready to unleash their expressive sound into the underground. Hand in hand with the unreleased mix, Tripp St is also set to appear for his headline show at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, Colorado this April 9th, along with appearances at large scale festivals throughout the country such as Ubbi Dubbi, Resonate Suwannee, Kosmic Kingdom, Sonic Bloom, Tipper’s Secret Dreams, and more.


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