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SubDocta Declares Strictly Business With Debut LP

Sarah Galambos | March 18, 2022

The man has absolutely done it this time. Ok I know what you are thinking.. He does it every time. Everyone give a round of applause, better yet a standing ovation for Preston Charles, also known as SubDocta. By time you’re completely obsessed, on your third round blasting the release of his very first album released today off WAKAAN, you will better understand the meaning behind this special project. The Strictly Business LP consists of squad favorites Sully and TVBOO, while showcasing new fam members Oxossi and p0gman. Next time you’re showing some praise and gratitude for all the beauty life has to offer, be sure to send some love to SubDocta for blessing the bass scene with the idiosyncratic forty seven minutes of which we call Strictly Business

We got the opportunity to chat with SubDocta about navigating tour, life, and the release of his debut LP, Strictly Business.

Sarah Galambos, Obskure Sound: “First and foremost, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to catch up with Obskure Sound! How’re you feeling in this current moment and for what’s to come in your career?”

SubDocta: “Howdy! Busy at this moment is a bit of an understatement but no worries! I feel really good honestly! Every opportunity that comes my way I am extremely grateful for. I can’t believe how far this project has come. As for the future, who knows man, I try to be as present as possible and just focus one day at a time. I let my team worry about the future.”

SG: “Congrats on your Strictly Business tour! Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this to be your first headlining showcase right? Can you share the highs and lows you’ve experienced thus far on the road?”

SubDocta: “Yes first headline tour and it’s been so fun! Being able to pick support was by far what I was most looking forward to- curating a lineup with not only friends, but all types of sounds. Without sugar coating it, it can be lonely as fuck and extremely tiring. I basically work 90 minutes a day and the rest is airports, hotels, and sleep. Its taxing, but there’s a reason why so many of us sacrifice so much for those 90 mins. It’s beyond worth it.”

SG: “What’s your most highly anticipated stop on tour or even festivals you’re hitting this year?”

SubDocta: “Well we’re on the last couple weeks of the tour. To be honest though it’s not fair to give one place credit when every stop has been nothing short of fantastic. Sure some sell out and some don’t but i try to give it my all no matter how many people show up. As for festivals, I’m afraid I have to plead the fifth at this time.” 

Dropping it real low in a city near you: SubDocta featuring Zingara, sfam, DMVU, Jaenga, and or Abelation!


Is anyone else curious as to when SubDocta got his PhD in tom foolery of wonky wubs?

These artists we’ve grown to love through sound all start somewhere and SubDocta is definitely not a new name to the scene. I know I wasn’t the only one itching to hear more from this guy when “West Coast Wobble” dropped many moons ago. Since then, he’s remained true to his signature sound while fearlessly unafraid to test the electronic music waters of dubstep, riddim, experimental bass, and dnb. All those respected collaborations with Ganja White Night, Excision, Boogie T, Dirt Monkey, etc.- have led him to this moment in his career. The longstanding fans have been waiting for SubDocta’s mainstay crown and it’s safe to say that significance is finally here.

SG: “When making music, what roll do your fans play? Do you find yourself making music with them in the back of your mind or are you more apt to flow between genres and techniques?”

SubDocta: “Everyone wants to say that ‘I don’t worry about what people think’ but once you get to a certain level I think it’s impossible to not have them in your head. Sometimes not always for the better. It can fuck with my head. What’s worse is thinking ‘Will my producer friends like this?’ That’s the shit I have to stay away from. Luckily my supporters are used to my sporadic switch of genres and sounds so I don’t think they expect everything to be like the WCW EP anymore.”

SG: “Compared to other SubDocta projects, would you say the Strictly Business LP stands as an evolution to your musical journey?”

SubDocta: “Absolutely! I mean there’s a reason I waited so long to try and write an album. I didn’t feel ready. Shit, I still don’t but here we are!”

Life is tough but it’s beautiful if you allow it to be.

SG: “Did you face any challenges while creating the album and if so how did you overcome them?”

SubDocta: “Oh you mean like complete existential crisis every other week? It’s just the artist’s journey though. You have to accept it and keep moving forward. Stagnation is death.”

SG: “Outside of making wubs, can you describe what inspires you to move through life?”

SubDocta: “My friends and family, my dog, mountain biking, the sun, water, air. Life is tough but it’s beautiful if you allow it to be.”

SG: Truer words couldn’t be spoken. Thank you for sharing with us. I have one more last question just for fun… F.M.K? Riddim, Dubstep, Experimental Bass?

SubDocta: Fuck experimental bass, marry dubstep, kill riddim. Then shoot it in the head for good measure hah!

Bop your head around to SubDocta:


Written by Sarah Galambos


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