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Sharlitz Web Takes You To ‘Dark Places’ With Debut SSKWAN Release

Alex Bell | May 13, 2021

For all musicians, getting their first label release is a time for a massive celebration. Years of hard work spent grinding away at their craft in order to come up with a finished product that’s a perfect representation of their journey and experiences thus far culminates with a platform agreeing to give them a cozy home to boost their sound to the masses. For most, their initial label release is with a smaller organization, helping to work in tandem to create a mutually beneficial arrangement. For Sharlitz Web, however, she’s dived headfirst into the throng with her debut track ‘Dark Places’ released on none other than Liquid Stranger’s newest downtempo venture SSKWAN.

Kicking off her production journey in Chicago, but now calling Los Angeles her home, Sharlitz Web has carried a sound that traverses the communal soundscape with ease, boasting a veteran level of polish that’s heavy on low-end frequency manipulation. Daintily sprinkling audible treats to voracious bass heads, her releases are few and far between, but boy when she graces ear canals with calculated air wiggles, people stand firmly at attention. 2 years ago, she put on full display her uncanny knack for crafting opaque soundscapes with ‘6th Sense‘, a sexy slugfest that lets loose demons into the atmosphere. This past year, fans were lulled into a nightmare created through sound in the form of ‘Deep Dreams‘, a delightfully depth-centric piece with immense spacing luscious atmosphere. As this was her only release of the year, the community was left ravenous for more from this youthful creator. Now, she’s taken us even further down the rabbit hole with ‘Dark Places’.

 “I wrote this song while I felt trapped in an unfamiliar place. It felt like chaos, yet somehow there was peace. The yin of darkness to the yang of light. I was invited into a realm where I was thrown upside down and had to find my escape.” – Sharlitz Web

‘Dark Places’ is one of those pieces where the name fits the overall feeling like a glove, reminiscent of the soundtrack to a horror movie or videogame, doom, death, and despair permeating the consciousness of the listener in an utmost enjoyable way. Trudging through the swampy audio architecture, everyone affected by the vibrations will be left purloined of their own free will and ability to think outside of the current moment. Sensual vocal samples guide you through this journey while the bass lines keep you fiercely enraptured, a truly masterful finished product indicative of a top-tier level of polish.

If Sharlitz Web has cemented anything with this release, it’s that she’s a name that is surely here to stay. ‘Dark Places’ is a slam-dunk track for lovers of all things inky and goosebumps-inducing, and a sure sign that she has much more coming soon down the pipeline. Keep this young audio manipulator permanently affixed on your radar, but for now check out ‘Dark Places’ for yourself below!

Written by Alex Bell


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