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[PREMIERE] BRWN BEAR Brings Power & Purpose With New Track “Switch”

Jabari LeGendre | May 7, 2021

In order to draw closer to our truest selves, it’s customary to undergo periods of great change.

Nothing worth having is ever attained without looking inward. In those moments we find the primal energy within ourselves to face the changes that we need to make in order to find truth. It was this type of personal journey and major life shift that inspired BRWN BEAR to create his new earth-shattering track “Switch” out now on Wubaholics!

True to his name BRWN BEAR channels unbridled primal energy on this latest track. “Switch” opens with hair-raising tribal vocals that set an ominous tone as throbbing percussive elements segway into an outrageous first drop.  BRWN BEAR’s polished sound design and nuanced arrangement creates an all-encompassing sonic avalanche that spills out of the speakers. Low-end bass growls claw their way between kaleidoscopic synths and hip-hop-tinged drums give the audacious tune an irresistible bounce.

BRWN BEAR deftly crafts a moment of peace in the middle of “Switch” to allow the listener an instant to reclaim their breath. It’s during this period, mixed between ethereal bliss and thrumming anticipation, that this track truly shines. For a brief second everything goes weightless before “Switch” clatters back to earth with a mind-bending second drop. The full-throttle breakdown expertly blends drum & bass, glitch, and dubstep to concoct one unruly ending. Once it seems that you have BRWN BEAR figured out he pulls the listener even further down the wormhole, seamlessly layering disparate sonic elements into vast and complex soundscapes.

BRWN BEAR exhibits masterful production skills by balancing sections of scintillating energy with well-crafted pockets of calm. This ebb and flow dynamic gives “Switch” a depth of emotion and balance that truly sets it apart from the rest of the bass music landscape.

Reflecting on what inspired this recent release BRWN BEAR spoke about the radical change which comes with growth:

“Switch” came about in a time of my life where I was experiencing a lot of immediate and big changes. I was forced to open up and accept more of myself and while feeling a deeper and better connection with myself I created this fun and big sound. Using the human voice to connect the sounds in the drop with the feeling I had, that I think we’ve all had, when we realize we’re changing for the better, was crucial to making this track both a banger and a piece filled with emotion.”

This latest offering from BRWN BEAR is just another notch on his belt as the rising star continues to assert himself in the world of bass music. Drawing on influences from ancient Celtic and Norse music, this artist has a unique style all his own. BRWN BEAR’s deep sense of artistry can be felt throughout this absolute beast of a track, and he is definitely one artist to keep an eye on throughout the rest of the year.

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