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Handsome Tiger – Yardman EP

Jabari LeGendre | August 4, 2021

Hailing from the gorgeous mountains of British Columbia, dynamic beatsmith Handsome Tiger is a Canadian artist that American bass music lovers need to know. Fresh off of a triumphant set at Shambhala Music Festival’s Reunion for the Grove Stage, Handsome Tiger continues to certify his credentials as a prominent tastemaker in Canadian bass music. Indeed, the Vancouver-based producer/DJ has established himself as a mainstay of incredibly well-respected gatherings like Bass Coast and Shambhala. With the recent release of his highly anticipated Yardman EP, now is the perfect time to get to know Handsome Tiger.

Handsome Tiger puts on a 140 clinic throughout the four exquisitely produced tracks on Yardman, which is out now on Bandcamp via Badman Studios. It is no secret that some of the best dubstep in the world is produced in The Great White North, with British Columbia being a particular hotbed for the genre. Handsome Tiger honors the roots of the legendary sound while further adding to its legacy with a masterfully curated release.

Yardman explores all the murky textures of dubstep with aplomb. “Burn Babylon” kicks things off as a heavy and reverberating tune that incorporates all of the iconic aspects of dubstep. Scintillating percussive elements melt over full-bodied bass wobbles and stylistic synth stabs to create a perfect deep bass exhibition. The title track “Yardman” builds with unnerving precision into a bone-chilling banger. Tailor-made to stretch out sound systems to their maximum, “Yardman” is a tune made for the most discerning of 140 aficionados. Perfectly constructed to build and play off of its disparate elements, “Yardman” lives up to expectations in a major way, solidifying itself as one of the best dubstep tracks of 2021.

Tus Sueños” adds depth and complexity to proceedings by incorporating techno and tribal elements to dastardly effects. Handsome Tiger showcases his ability as an elite vibe weaver with the intricate sonic arrangement and nuance throughout this track. Few producers can mimic their own performance style throughout a track as well as this British Columbian phenom. Handsome Tiger’s productions take on a dynamic and slightly whimsical groove that allows him to blend and balance his with tremendous precision.

Jah Mi Seh” brings the Yardman EP to a close with heavy and distinct punctuation. Handsome Tiger does not mince words or motive with this final track. Slathered in reggae dub and grime-driven angst, “Jah Mi Seh” acts as the perfect closing statement to a tremendous EP. Handsome Tiger is an artist who continues to drop jaws and deepen his own legend. Hopefully, as things begin to return to some semblance of normalcy and borders open (fingers crossed), Handsome Tiger is one name that American bass music lovers will come to know.




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