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DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, Remeti, Mike Danglez & MATT DOE Combine On Monster Collab “Mirage” Via Subtle But True

Jabari LeGendre | June 10, 2021
DRAGOS, Fools Of Wisdom, Remeti, Mike Danglez & MATT DOEMirage Via Subtle But True

When a collection of artists come together to collaborate on a single track, there is no guarantee that it will be a hit. In fact, the creative process can be difficult with producers pulling in separate directions and having to learn to blend their distinct styles into one cohesive vision. However, in the case of ‘Mirage’, the latest single from Subtle But True (SBT), five tremendous artists combine exquisitely to encapsulate the ethos of the entire collective. DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, MATT DOE, Mike Danglez, and REMETI, have crafted a jaw-dropping banger of the highest quality.

Truly a force of nature, ‘Mirage’ is a high-octane track that combines elements of dubstep, trap, and glitch to create a completely unique sonic experience. With an array of distinctly intricate drops, nuanced sound design, and emotional melodic swings, ‘Mirage‘ is one of the most unyielding and uncompromising tracks of the year. Crunchy synths chew through raucous percussive elements as rattling basslines pummel the speakers relentlessly. The quintet of producers expertly gives ‘Mirage‘ a profound duality as the second half of the tune takes an uplifting vocal-infused turn.

Throughout its many layers of incredible production, the personality and swagger of each artist definitely swell to the surface. Founded just in 2020 by Steph Landreville, Subtle But True seeks to provide proper support, guidance, and teamwork to its artists while providing a safe and healthy environment for them to grow and express themselves. There is no doubt that this latest single is a major point of success for SBT, and the entire team should feel incredibly proud of this achievement. There is clearly a great vision to bring this mammoth undertaking to fruition.

With all five talented artists combining so incredibly well on ‘Mirage‘, SBT founder Steph Landreville couldn’t help but express her excitement by saying:

“This project was not an easy one to put together; It took time, hard-work, proper coordination and organization but the team pulled through! When I first heard this track, I cried. No joke. I always knew the song would turn out good, I just didn’t think it would blow my mind the way it did. I love everything about this track but most importantly, I love that my team came together and worked their asses off to create our first SBT Anthem (that’s what I like to call it ). I really hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do. Can’t wait for more projects like this in the future!!”

Listen here!

Check out the entire Subtle But True catalog on the SBT Soundcloud and get to know the artists here at the Subtle But True website!

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