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Contra Scandal smashes debut release with “Full Circle”

Eddie Richard | March 23, 2021

2021 will see the rise of Ezra Arenson aka Contra Scandal, an experimental dubstep phenom out of Denver. The producer/violinist extraordinaire just dropped his debut album Full Circle, available through Gravitas Recordings. Ten hugely polished tracks form a comprehensive shot of wicked bass segments blended through Eastern influence. The steps taken outside the box on this release are poised to lay the foundation for a brand new sound all its own that caters many different subsets of dubstep culture. Check it out below!

The album’s opener “Immersion” sets the tone for the collection in style and namesake. Puzzling violin medleys are woven with big, structural bass in a seamless mix. The vibe continues strong into “Escapade,” which feels like a perfect soundtrack for getting lost in a funhouse. This selection shows off some of Contra Scandal’s emerging skill with crunchier riffs. The best of all these elements so far come together in the anthemic “Mile High Livin’,” an ode to Arenson’s influential time growing in the Colorado music scene.

Up next, “A Calling” signals a tone shift and opens up a different dimension with slower, heavier bass; it’s every bit hypnotic as it is intense. Then, on what could be considered the cornerstone theme on Full Circle, “Snake Charmer” dazzles the listener with its creepy malaise – brilliantly capturing the darker vibe running throughout the album. “Hard Way” shows off the durability and collaboration potential of the Contra Scandal sound with fellow Denver vocalist Spirah.

Winding down the collection is the powerful title track “Full Circle,” a massive and sludgy reprise of the Eastern style that bleeds uniqueness. Aronson’s ability to captivate is best shown through this segment. “Rebel” soothes the listener with an easy rhythmic structure that could emanate any spiritual gathering. In what both sounds like and serves as a credits theme, “The Remaining Light” closes the album’s original vision on a pulsing and uplifting note. But listeners should stick around for the very proper Morillo remix of Mile High Livin’ that further shows off the flexibility of these beats.

Full Circle is appropriately titled for how much inspiration went into its creation, masterfully executed as a debut album, and well worth your listen. Contra Scandal is ready for liftoff during the post-COVID-19 era. Listen to the whole album below on your platform of choice via Gravitas Recordings

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Written by Eddie Richard


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